Now listen to all lectures on IOS and Android devices. DOWNLOAD our App "Islamic essentials" * * * * Asalamo-Alaekum Wr Wb ***Khosusi Bayan By Hazrat Molana Shaykh Azhar Iqbal (DB) will be held Onsite and Online on 27th Night of Ramadan, Isha Prayer time 8:45pm, Taraveeh after Isha, Byan 10:30 Pm at Masjid-E-Itaat Mehran Town, Korangi*** Facebook Page Click Here 
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05.Sept.19 Thursday - Weekly Majlis e Zikr and Bayan at 8:00pm InshAllah
If you are unable to listen the bayan tell us at:

Cell: +92-322-4432924
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